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What is Telepresence, what is Cisco Telepresence?

Telepresence is the latest generation of video conference technology. Originally it was the name of a Cisco product, but it is now becoming a general description for 'Very High Bandwidth' product. High bandwidth, running over a private network, is combined with 3 or more large HD screens to create an immersive experience. This can be reinforced by identical furniture and room set ups. 
Major manufactures of telepresence equipment are; Cisco / Tandberg and Polycom, HP Halo.

What is the difference between Telepresence and video conferencing?

Telepresence systems sit on private networks and have access to large bandwidth, they cannot link to other Telepresence systems outside their network or different manufacturers equipment without using a Telepresence exchange service. Video conference systems can be on private networks or public IP, they are also interoperable as all Video conference manufactures are working to established protocols.

However, since Cisco bought Tandberg they have renamed all Tandberg video conference products as Telepresence which adds to the confusion about the distinction between video conferencing and Telepresence.

Can I connect my existing video conference system with Telepresence equipment?

Yes you can. Eyenetwork operates a Telepresence exchange which allows Telepresence units to link with traditional video conferencing systems. It also allows Telepresence systems on different network to connect.

How do I book Eyenetwork's Telepresence suites?

Call us: T: 1 800 330 5791 (toll free-USA) T: 0333 900 1221 (Lo-call-UK) , or use the on-line enquiry form here


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Cisco CTS 1300 at the Chicago Telepresence facility